Royal-CBD Products are made from 100% natural, GMO-free, American grown Hemp

Royal-CBD is the brain child of Yaniv Mahon, founder and president Vapor Group Inc. and the entrepreneurial force behind big name brands such as Total Vapor™, Easey Grinder™ and Cryptotech Currency™.

Committed to bringing our customers premium quality cannabidiol (CBD) products at affordable prices, we are proud to bring to market 100% natural, GMO free, American grown, and third-party lab tested CBD oils, edibles, topicals, liquids, and extracts.

Our vision is to pave the way for a line of Royal-CBD products that promote wellness and vitality in body and mind, with the ultimate goal of helping our customers and their pets to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives. To this end we make three essential promises.

  1. 100% Natural & GMO free

All of Royal-CBD’s wellness products are made with naturally derived ingredients with our CBD derived from specially bred therapeutic hemp plants grown on licensed farms, using sustainable and USDA approved farming practices.

  1. 100% Pure & Safe

Our pure CBD isolate is third-party lab tested and manufactured under strict state and federal GMP practices for ultimate purity and safety. In our aim to be fully transparent, lab tests for each product is available on our website.

  1. 100% American Made

We are dedicated to supporting our local communities which is why all Royal-CBD wellness products are made in the United States. From seed to cultivation, to production, to sale, we oversee every stage of our products to ensure that you are getting a true American product.


The idea behind Royal CBD being born from personal experience and a passion for the soothing, health and wellness promoting properties of CBD. And, it all starts with an adorable Boston terrier named Pochi, who like many other dogs of his breed, tended to get a bit too excited at times, being prone to severe anxiety in stressful situations.

“Whenever I left the house, Pochi suffered from extreme separation anxiety, getting destructive and chewing on

everything.” - Yaniv Nahon, Founder of Royal CBD

Every time there was a loud noise or movement outside Pochi used to go bonkers - barking his head off, and getting overly excited. Fireworks made him cower in the corner. Leaving the house made him anxious, and every time he was left alone, he would get stressed out and destructive, chewing everything from shoes to couches.

On the recommendation of Pochi’s vet, Yaniv, Pochi’s human dad, decided to engage the help of a dog trainer - the usual route for helping dogs with these type of personality and behavioural issues to calm down and deal with stressful situations in a more relaxed way.

After enrolling in several intensive programmes of behavioural modification training with only moderate improvement, Pochi was eventually prescribed doggy anti-depressants. Yaniv found that the medications changed Pochi too much, causing him to become lethargic, disinterested, and sometimes even making him seem to look severely depressed.

So, setting out to find an alternative, and more natural way to try and help Pochi, Yaniv finally found a dog trainer that really understood and empathised with their situation. She recommended hemp CBD to help Pochi calm down, and to supplement and aid in his behaviour modification training.

And it worked!

“My neighbours commented that Pochi has become such an adorable dog and that it is now a pleasure to meet him on our morning walks. He is delightful and loving, wagging his tail and nudging people, begging for a cuddle - something he would never have done before.” - Yaniv Nahon, Founder of Royal CBD

In fact, it worked so well that even Yaniv’s neighbours commented on how much calmer Pochi has become. Instead of greeting them with loud barking and overly ecstatic bopping around, he now happily wags his tail and lovingly nudges their hands with his head. When left alone, he just merrily carries on sleeping, while outside movements and noises are now meet with a raised ear or a one-eyed glance. While fireworks still bother him, he responds much better to them, clearly stressing out less than he did before.

Yaniv was so impressed by the changes he saw in Pochi that he avidly started researching CBD. Not knowing much about it before his experiences with giving hemp CBD to his dog, he found that CBD is an incredibly versatile supplement that can help with a huge variety of different problems and symptoms.

Deciding to start using CBD himself, he started seeing many health improvements himself, and as such a new passion was born within Yaniv. A passion, a mission and a vision to bring a line of premium quality CBD products to market that is affordable and accessible to people and pets everywhere.

“I set out to make sure that all Royal CBD products are the culmination of the best that the American Hemp CBD industry has to offer, guaranteeing a premium quality, accessible and affordable product for both humans and their pets.” - Yaniv Nahon, Founder of Royal CBD

Gathering together some of the best CBD product developers, US farm bill approved organic hemp farmers, extraction experts, and GMP compliant manufacturers, Yaniv set out to create a line of CBD products that are all-natural, organic, GMO free, precision-dosed and third party lab tested (by Steep Hill Labs) to ensure the quality, consistency and safety of all Royal CBD products.